Why we prefer not to remove teeth


At SmileBright Dental we believe that the removal of natural, adult teeth is a last resort. 


As a society, we are increasingly aware of oral health, and the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth. However, some people may still be unaware of the potential consequences of removing teeth. While it may seem like a harmless procedure, there are several reasons why removing teeth can be bad for your health.


First, the removal of teeth can lead to significant pain and discomfort. The removal of a tooth is a major procedure and requires significant healing time. You may experience pain, swelling, and bleeding during the healing process, and it can take several days to recover from the procedure. In addition, the extraction of a tooth can lead to dry sockets, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Second, removing teeth can cause problems with the surrounding teeth. When a tooth is removed, the surrounding teeth may shift, leading to gaps in the gum line. This can cause further problems with your bite and the alignment of your teeth. In addition, the removal of a tooth can lead to bone loss in the jaw. Without the support from the tooth, the bone can become weak and brittle, leading to further problems with your bite and reduced treatment options available to restore missing teeth.

Third, removing teeth can affect your overall health. The removal of a tooth can lead to an increase in the production of bacteria in the mouth. This can lead to an increased risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. In addition, if the tooth is infected, the removal of the tooth can lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream, which can cause serious health problems.

Fourth, removing teeth can be a traumatic experience for a lot of patients. There is still a lot of people in our communities that have dental phobias. We try and not add to it by providing treatment that is conservative and focuses on long term solutions for your oral health.


In conclusion, removing teeth can be bad for your health. It can lead to pain and discomfort, problems with the surrounding teeth, an increased risk of oral health issues and effect to make future dental visits unenjoyable. 


If you are considering having a tooth removed, make sure to discuss the potential risks with your dentist and if another solution may be available.