A code of Practice conduct is a set of guidelines and principles that outline the expected behavior and standards of ethical conduct for individuals within a dental practice. It serves as a framework for decision-making and behavior in various situations and interactions, guiding employees on how to act with integrity, honesty, and professionalism, in order to best support our patients.

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We are all accountable, empowered and expected to create a culture where everyone not only feels safe, but can thrive. Our culture, principles, and commitment to full-spectrum diversity and inclusion should continue to guide all our practice dealings and interactions, including how we treat one another. SmileBright Dental does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. It is important that you feel confident and safe in sharing any concerns and that SmileBright Dental will address the concerns in an appropriate manner.

It is critical for all of us at SmileBright Dental to adhere to the highest ethical standards. We owe it to our patients and each other. Thank you for being a part of SmileBright, and for demonstrating our Conscious Culture in all that you do.

Integrity plays a crucial role.

Integrity, sustainability, and diversity establishes the foundation of our strategy. Our team will consist only of individuals who act with integrity, concern for the environment and with respect for the law.

Acting with integrity means doing the right thing. That sounds easier than it is on a daily basis. The world is becoming more and more technologically and legally complex, and we often find ourselves facing challenges to which there are no obvious solutions. That is why it is important for us to base our conduct on clear principles. Our Code of Practice Conduct is intended to serve as a guide for you.

Our code of practice conduct is a user-friendly resource you can rely on to help determine what’s appropriate when it comes to acting with integrity in the workplace.

 I Know our Code and Act Ethically

Some things will never change, like our commitment to doing practice honestly, ethically, and with respect for one another. Making the right ethical practice decision and doing the right thing must be part of our DNA. Sometimes, situations arise where the right decision isn’t completely clear.

The Code promotes:

  • Honest and ethical conduct in all internal and external relationships
  • Full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in public reports and documents
  • Protection of all confidential, personal, and proprietary information
  • Compliance with applicable government laws rules, regulations, and directives
  • Prompt internal reporting of any violations of the Code of practice conduct, whether internal or external to SmileBright Dental
  • Compliance with the Code of practice conduct by every SmileBright Dental employee
  • Creating a conscious culture

The Code of practice conduct is extensive… but not exhaustive. It’s not possible to address every situation. We rely on you to exercise good judgement in your decision making and to ask for help when you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the Code of practice conduct. Keep in mind, no one has the authority to make you engage in behaviour that violates the Code of practice conduct.

Ethical Decision-Making

Make good choices. We are each responsible for:

  • Creating a Conscious Culture and complying with laws and regulations in Australia.
  • Knowing and complying with our Code of practice conduct.

When faced with an ethical dilemma, you have a responsibility to take action. It may seem easier to say nothing or look the other way, but taking no action is, in itself, an action that can have serious consequences. Our continued success depends on you making decisions that are consistent with our core values and principles. There are rules and policies in our Code of practice conduct. By certifying, we agree to follow those or face the potential consequences of disciplinary action.

I share My Concerns

As a SmileBright Dental employee, you have a responsibility to create a conscious culture and share your concerns when you see or suspect something that could harm another employee or the practice. You also have an obligation to speak up promptly about anything you believe may constitute a violation. If you see or experience something that “just doesn’t feel right”, you are encouraged and supported to come forward.

We address issues openly and stand for transparency.

The foundations for our actions and behaviour – internally and externally – are honesty, openness, and transparency. This enables us to establish trust. We learn from the past and rise to new challenges. We encourage every one of us to stand up and contribute their opinion when something is not right or does not feel right (speak-up culture). To that end, we create an atmosphere in which we can tell it like it is without the fear of negative consequences. Different opinions are respected, and people are encouraged to question the decisions of others.

What’s the best way to ask or report a concern?

Talk to one of our management team members, each member holds the value of being approachable. SmileBright Dental does not tolerate retaliation against an employee for a question or report of misconduct made honestly and in good faith. Retaliating against an individual who asks a question or reports a code of practice conduct violation is in itself a code of practice conduct violation.

I Respect Others

A Conscious Culture means being aware of your environment and being accountable. SmileBright Dental strives to create an inclusive culture that is welcoming, positive, creative, and rewarding ― an environment that promotes individual and team expression, and achievement.

How are SmileBright Dental employees empowered to succeed?

You should do your job without fear of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.  Smile Bright Dental is passionate about preserving our positive culture and ensuring that each individual is treated with respect, fairness, and dignity as a valued member of the SmileBright Dental team. SmileBright prohibits conduct that singles out an employee or a group of employees in a negative way based on characteristics, existence, and attributes that have been the basis for historical marginalization, and all categories protected by law.

Fairness and respect are the foundation of our collaboration.

At Smile Bright Dental, we treat one another with fairness and respect. Team spirit, mutual trust and a respectful attitude are important to us. This applies for our employees and also for our patients, all practice partners and the broader community.

We practice diversity.

At Smile Bright Dental, diversity is not simply a matter of complying with legal requirements. At Smile Bright Dental, our strength lies in the differences between our employees, which are a key factor in our success. Their varied skills, perspectives and experiences form the basis of our growth and help us to understand the needs of our patients. Our practice culture is characterized by respect, appreciation, integrity, and team spirit.

I Use Resources Responsibly

SmileBright Dental counts on you to use good judgment to conserve and safeguard practice resources. This section will help you understand the proper use of SmileBright Dentals resources.

What’s allowed and what is prohibited?

Practice assets: Office space, and things like computers, copiers, internet access, and office supplies, for example. Practice assets are provided for practice use and should be used for practice purposes to advance practice objectives.

Limited personal use: Of course, SmileBright Dental understands that employees may need to use SmileBright resources from time to time. Such occasional use of practice assets for personal reasons is permitted, within reason, as long as it does not compromise SmileBright Dental’s interest or adversely affect job performance (yours or that of your co-workers).

Using the practice’s resources is not private.

Information and material transmitted or stored on practice resources may be monitored, retained, or reviewed. Note: When employees use their personal devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) for work, those devices are subject to monitoring and review by SmileBright Dental, and employees need to protect any practice-related information that is always exchanged or stored on those devices.

Be respectful and professional when using the internet and social media tools.

SmileBright Dental empowers employees to use social media to conduct practice practice, as well as to facilitate collaboration and innovation. It’s very important to avoid mishandling intellectual property or improperly disclosing any personal data or confidential/restricted information.

I Am Accurate and Ethical with Our Finances

As a SmileBright Dental employee, we all have an obligation to promote integrity throughout the organization. This includes being aware of and adhering to internal financial and accounting policies. The timely, accurate handling and reporting of financial information is not only required by law, but it is also at the core of our commitment to practice honestly and ethically.

Responsibly and accurately manage SmileBright Dental finances.

All SmileBright Dental employees are personally responsible for any practice-related funds that they control or spend. Practice funds must only be used for SmileBright Dental practice purposes. Every employee must ensure we receive good value and maintain accurate and timely records for each expense. This includes anything purchased from or expenses managed through third parties on behalf of SmileBright Dental. It is a violation of the Code of practice conduct to hide, falsify, misrepresent, or alter documents or data regarding the use of SmileBright Dental funds.

Follow SmileBright Dental’s expense reporting policies.

Mischaracterization of a practice transaction or creation of false or inaccurate documentation, such as claiming non-practice or unapproved related expenditures, is strictly prohibited.

Protect SmileBright Dental when purchasing goods and services.

Following our procurement process ensures you will maintain compliance. It is your responsibility to do it right.

Our Commitment to Integrity

Integrity plays a central role at SmileBright Dental and shapes how we perceive ourselves. Integrity means doing the right thing. That means we follow internal and external rules, act in accordance with our principles and, in doing so, also listen to our inner compass.

Patient experience and quality count.

Dental and Social Responsibility. I am responsible for understanding how my role ultimately impacts our patients’ wellbeing. I will seek to achieve our patients’ treatment goals and desired outcomes, make their interactions with SmileBright Dental easier.

Social Responsibility as a Healthcare provider

I act in a manner consistent with our approach to Social Responsibility as a Healthcare Provider (SRHP). Our commitment to SRHP starts at the top with our Management team and Directors and is embedded throughout the organization. SmileBright Dental’s actions are grounded in our conscious Culture, where trustworthiness and ethical conduct are expected and supported among our employees, suppliers, and practice partners.

The Manager’s Role

SmileBright Dental’s managers have leadership responsibilities for setting a good example, encouraging a Conscious Culture and an environment of open and honest communication without fear of retaliation, and taking prompt action when ethical issues are brought to their attention. They are expected to promote SmileBright Dental’s ethical culture and never direct employees to achieve results that are in violation of SmileBright Dental policies, the code of practice conduct, or the law.

They also have approval responsibility for a variety of transactions on behalf of the practice. As a manager or manager’s proxy, you have important fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that policy requirements are met. 

Managers must display a standard of professional behaviour that warrants the trust and respect of the team. This includes behaving ethically and honestly.

The Clinician’s Role


As a first consideration for all clinical conduct, Is the treatment decision and the outcome acceptable for yourself and ones you care. Practitioners must display a standard of professional behaviour that warrants the trust and respect of the community. This includes practising ethically and honestly.

Peer review

It’s our commitment to provide cutting edge dental treatment as a team. We regularly hold clinical meeting for training and review our clinical cases as second opinions. We provide an open environment where we can inspect and learn from works all practitioners provided.  Teaching, supervising and assessing-Practitioners should support the important role of teaching, supervising and mentoring practitioners and students in order to develop the health workforce.

Working with patients

Put patients first – Safe, effective, and collaborative practice. Practitioners should practise safely, effectively and in partnership with patients and colleagues, using patient centred approaches, and informed by the best available evidence to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Basing relationships on respect, trust and effective communication enables practitioners to work in partnership with patients. Practitioners should maintain effective and professional relationships with their patients and provide explanations that enable patients to understand and participate in their care.

Informed consent.  First part of the process is “informed”, It is our responsibility to provide relevant information, cons and pros of the proposed treatment option we deemed reasonable for our patients. We shall respect our patients’ choice provided we are confident that we have provided sufficient information.

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