When does my child need braces?


Braces are orthodontic devices that are used to correct the alignment of teeth and jaws. They are commonly used in children and teenagers, but can also be used in adults. Braces can be recommended for various reasons, including correcting crooked teeth, correcting overbite or underbite, and addressing issues with the growth of the jaw.


With advancements in technology, orthodontic services can be offered to children from a younger age to teenagers in their final years of school. As every child is different, it is hard to give general advice to when a child may need braces, but there are some tell tale signs to look out for.


Here are some common reasons why children may need braces:

  1. Crooked teeth: This is one of the most common reasons why children may need braces. Crooked teeth can make it difficult to clean the teeth properly, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Braces can help straighten the teeth and improve oral hygiene.
  2. Overbite or underbite: When the upper or lower teeth are misaligned, it can result in an overbite or underbite. This can cause difficulty with biting, chewing, and speaking, as well as put excess strain on certain teeth. Braces can help correct the alignment of the teeth and jaws.
  3. Crowded teeth: When there isn’t enough space in the mouth for teeth to grow in properly, they can become crowded. This can cause teeth to shift out of place, leading to bite issues, speech problems, and other oral health issues. Braces can help create more space in the mouth and straighten the teeth.
  4. Jaw growth problems: Sometimes, children may have issues with the growth of their jaws, which can cause bite problems and other oral health issues. Braces can be used to correct these issues and encourage proper jaw growth.
  5. Thumb-sucking: Prolonged thumb-sucking can lead to misaligned teeth and other oral health issues. Braces may be recommended to correct these problems.


It’s important to note that not all children will need braces, and some may only need them for a short period of time.


The decision to recommend braces will depend on the child’s specific orthodontic needs and the severity of their issues. It’s important to consult with one of our dentists to determine whether your child would benefit from braces or other orthodontics services we offer.