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Can Dental Implants Secure My Loose Dentures?

Implants are a fantastic option that can lock your dentures firmly in place so you will never have a problem eating whatever you like again.

Dentures can be secured by placing as little as 2 titanium implants into the front of the jaw to offer amazing stability for your denture. The denture is then clipped onto the implants. This can improve and overcome ill-fitting dentures. Many of our patients that have had implant supported dentures are disappointed they didn’t have this treatment years earlier.

At Smile Bright Dental we consider implants to be a conservative approach to replacing missing teeth.

A dental implant is very similar to a natural tooth root, consisting of a titanium post or screw that is inserted into the jawbone. Implants can support crowns, bridges or dentures that will closely mimic the appearance and function of real teeth. They are a fantastic alternative to dentures or bridges. There are many advantages to implants which include:

  • Replacement of missing teeth
  • Help to secure loose dentures
  • Prevent bone loss in the jaw
  • Prevent the cheeks and lips from collapsing inwards after multiple teeth are removed
  • Are firmly secured in the jaw
  • Are easy to look after and implant crowns and bridges can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth

What Is the Procedure for Having Dental Implants?

A typical implant consists of a titanium fixture that is placed into the jaw bone. It can take around 12 weeks for the bone to bond with the implant. Once this has occurred, a tooth/crown can be attached into place to function as a tooth. The amount of time for the bone to bond to the implant can vary depending on the quality and quantity of the bone. It is becoming increasingly common to have the crown completed straight after the implant placement. This can be discussed in more detail during your first consultation with our dentists.

Am I Suitable for Treatment?

If you are interested in implants the best thing to do is to call one of our team and book an appointment. At this appointment, our dentists can discuss all of your options, and explain the procedure. We will also discuss the cost involved and ensure you understand all of your options so you can be comfortable and confident in your dental treatment.

For an appointment, please call us on (07) 3272 8833. We are located at Level 4 Sunnybank Hills Shopping town, Cnr Calam and Compton roads, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109.

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